1. OEM Manufacturing

MEPOS Electronics accept commissioned production for any power supply related products. After receiving the demand, our engineering staffs will evaluate the product to confirm whether the offer and manufacturing are available. 

Basically, this process can be divided into two stages as follows: 


(a) Quotation Stage: 

>> Clients should provide the product specifications, one sample and bill-of-material (including transformer and the other magnetic components).

>> Clients need to provide the target price and estimated annual uses and shipping methods.

>> If clients have special designated parts or suppliers, it has to be informed before proceeding.


(b) Production Stage:

>> Clients need to provide product specifications, test specifications, circuit board drawings, and mechanical drawings.


2. ODM Product Design and Manufacturing:


MEPOS Electronics accepts any requirement for power supply related development. After receiving the demand, our engineers will evaluate whether it can be developed and manufactured.

Basically, this process will first obtain the following information to do the design feasibility assessment:


(a) Development:

>> The client is required to provide preliminary product electrical specifications (including electrical parameters and the desired dimension).

>> The client is required to provide the target price and estimated annual uses.

>> If the client has a special designated parts or customer supplied parts, it has to be informed before development.

>> Descide what safety certifications are required.

>> After the completion of the development, we will provide customer demanded samples and recognition documents for client's confirmation.


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