DC-DC Converter

DC/DC Converter

50 ~ 400W Brick DC/DC Converter for Railway 

  • 30~400W DC/DC brick for board mount,high reliability for railway application:
  • Input voltage:72V(50~120),110V(72~144),max up to 160V
  • Output voltage:5V,12V,15V,18V,24V,28V,36V,48V.
  • Input-output isolated voltage:1.5KV
  • 110V input max up to 400W for railway application.
  • Customized voltage is welcome.

DC/DC Converter

100-1200VDC Ultra Wide Input DC/DC Converter for PV 

  • 5~25W DC/DC converter for board mount,high reliability for PV (photovoltaic) application:
  • Input voltage:100~1000VDC, (Optional, 200-1200VDC)
  • Output voltage:5V, 9V, 12V,15V,24V (Single & Dual Output)
  • Input-output isolated voltage: 4000V
  • Over Load Protection, Short Circuit Protection

AC/DC Converter

1W ~ 150W AC/DC Converter (Isolated Board Mount)

  • Standard 1~150W AC/DC converter for board mount,high reliability for industry,commercial,communication,transportation 
  • and medical application.
  • Input voltage:85~265VAC,165~265VAC
  • Ouput voltage:3.3V,5V,6V,9V,12V,15V,18V,19V,24V,28V,36V,48V
  • Input-output isolated voltage:2KV,3KV,4KV
  • Customized voltage is welcome.

AC/DC Converter

30W ~ 200W AC/DC Converter (Isolated Chassis Mount)

  • 30~200W AC/DC converter for chassis mount,high reliability for industry,commercial,communication,transportation and medical application.
  • Input voltage:165~265VAC
  • Ouput voltage:5V,6V,9V,12V,15V,18V,19V,24V,28V,36V,48V,100V,110V
  • Input-output isolated voltage:1.5KV
  • We can make single,dual and triple output
  • Customized voltage is welcome.

AC/DC Converter

3W ~ 10W Three Phase AC/DC Converter (165~550VAC)

  • 3~10W AC/DC converter for board mount,three phase four wire:
  • Input voltage:400V(165~550VDC)
  • Output voltage:5V,12V,15V,24V
  • Input-output isolated voltage:2KV
  • Customized voltage is welcome.
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