Temperature Coefficient     The average output voltage change expressed as a percent per degree centigrade of ambient temperature change. This is usually specified for a predetermined temperature range.

Temperature Derating     The reduction in output power due to an increase in ambient temperature.

Temperature Range     Operating: The specified ambient temperature over which it is safe to operate the power supply. Storage: The specified ambient temperature in which the power supply can be stored without risk of damage.

Thermal Protection     A power supply protection circuit which shuts the power supply down in the event of unacceptably high internal temperatures.

Tracking     A characteristic in a multiple output power supply where any changes in the output voltage of one output caused by line, load, and/or temperature are proportional to similar changes in accompanying outputs.

Transfer Time     The amount of time it takes a standby or off-line type UPS to sense a power interruption and switch from utility output to inverter output. Normally expressed in milliseconds.

Transient Recovery Time     The time required for the output voltage of a power supply to settle within specified output accuracy limits following a step change in output load current or a step change in input voltage.

Transient Response     The time required for the output voltage to return within the regulation envelope following a 50% load change. A power supply with quick transient response will reduce the risk of read/write errors during access.

True Power     In an AC circuit, true power is the actual power consumed. It is distinguished from apparent power by eliminating the reactive power component that may be present.

TUV     TUV is a safety-testing laboratory with headquarters in Germany. TUV can test products for compliance with IEC or VDE requirements. Products that have the TUV insignia have been tested by TUV for compliance with applicable standards for sale in the European market. http://www.tuvps.com

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