Leakage Current     The AC or DC current flowing from input to output and/or chassis of an isolated power supply at a specified voltage.

Legacy Free     Legacy-Free: According to Intel, "legacy is defined as technology for which a feasible replacement exists." The specs of the ideal legacy-free PC's of the near future will have any combination of the following "pruned away" features to allow for room for better technological solutions: floppy drive, PS/2, ISA slots, PCI slots, Parallel and Serial Ports, standard height power supplies, etc.

Line and Load Regulation     The combined effect of varying the DC load and AC input voltage; the worse case condition.

Line Regulation     The change in output voltage due to variation of the input voltage with all other factors held constant. It is expressed as a percent of the nominal output voltage. A power supply with tight line regulation delivers optimum voltages throughout the operating range.

Load Regulation     The percent change in output voltage as the load is changed from minimum to maximum, at constant line and constant temperature.

LPS     Limited Power Supply 

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