IEC - International Electro-Technical Commission     It's an international organization that writes standards for safety for electrical and other equipment. Many IEC standards were adopted from the German VDE, which was the main historical standards-writing body in Europe. One goal of the IEC is to harmonize differing standards between European countries to facilitate free trade. The US Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian CSA are members of the IEC. http://www.iec.ch

IEC 601 (EN60601)     The safety standard specified by the International Electro-Technical Commission, which cover electrical medical and dental equipment that is intended for professional use. Although this specification's primary focus is on safety, there are some requirements regarding reliable operation.

IEEE - Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers     A professional society and standards writing body for the US Electronics industry. http://www.ieee.org

Immunity     Testing done to determine immunity from electromagnetic or electro static discharge (ESD). The European IEC 801 or 1000 or EN61000 are test specifications and procedures. Dash numbers indicates the levels. Generally, the higher the number, the better the power supply is able to withstand the test condition.

Induced Noise     Noise generated in a circuit by a varying magnetic field produced by another circuit.

Input Line Filter     An internally or externally mounted low-pass or band-reject filter at the power supply input which reduces the noise fed into the power supply.

Inrush Current     The peak instantaneous input current drawn by a power supply at turn-on.

Inverter     A power supply which produces an AC output, usually from a DC input.

Isolation     Two circuits that are completely electrically separated with respect to DC potentials, and almost always also AC potentials. In power supplies, it is defined as the electrical separation of the input and output via the transformer.

Isolation Transformer     A transformer in which one or more output windings is electrically separated from the input winding and all other output windings by an insulation at least equivalent to double insulation or reinforced insulation.

Isolation Voltage     The maximum AC or DC voltage which maybe continuously applied from input to output and/or chassis of a power supply.

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