MEPOS Electronics' manufacture facilities are located in Taiwan and China, and the manufacturing management process abides by our high design and QA standards to deliver quality products in a timely manner. Every power supply unit is burned-in and tested, and we also offer adjustable testing guideline support.


MEPOS QA engineers are involved in the production line. Should any issue arise during the process, the engineers can respond immediately to resolve it.


X-Ray Detector:


This test is to test whether the parts are in compliance with RoHS-related hazardous chemical substances are subject to excessive testing.


SMT Insertion: 


This process includes two kinds of red adhesive and solder paste. Most of processes use the red adhesive. Currently 10,000pcs can be processes in one day with two batches. The equipment can accept product parameters by using the programmable computer, and then enters the system to perform the tasks. After completion of the implementation of the PCB, the system will check whether there are missing pieces, misuse or reversed polarity and so on.


Soldering Wave Equipment: 


The temperature of the furnace shall be maintained at 270 +/- 10°C and is controlled within appropriate time to ensure that all parts are processed at normal temperature.


Hi-Pot & Electrical Tests:


1. Hi-Pot test: It means to operate the power supply under high voltage test to detect the insulation tolerance of Primary-to-Secondary and Primary-to-Ground in order to ensure the safety of the device connected to power supply. It is a kind of destructive testing so the factory will only test 1-2 times, in order to avoid high-pressure parts of the product may be broken. The test is to confirm whether the product design structure has been destroyed.

2. Electrical Tests: This test is performed before the Burn-in test, the product must first perform 100% electrical tests.


Dispenser (Gluing Mixture Device): 


This test is for LED Driver filling process. A, B two kinds of mixed glue with the ratio of ingredients poured into the product within the natural or micro-drying.



Burn-In Tests:


This test is performed using a 100% full load test under a strict operating environment according to customer specifications to simulate the use of client equipment conditions in order to achieve the operation condition and cause no abnormal outcome or damages.



Vibration Tests:


This test is for the Desktop / Wall Mount Type products do vibration tests to confirm whether the product is has abnormal noise.



ATE Tests:


This test is after 100% Burn-In test and then undergo a rigorous ATE functional test to ensure product reliability.


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